Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Artist Spotlight - Leanne Daphne Design

Tell us something about yourself. Where do you live, how old are you (roughly), your background, family, etc.
My name is Leeanne Daphne. I'm 18 years old and live in the Highlands, of Scotland. I grew up here most of my life but have travelled a lot and lived throughout Scotland and England! I have always been creative but it started when I was in high school. I didn’t have the best experiences during this time, so drawing was always something I did to take my mind off of troubles and worries.  It was an escape for me.
It soon became more of a hobby growing up and a way of finding me! I love drawing and creating. I have created my own drawing and tattoo portfolio, which I’m still continuing to build up. I have done some tattoo artist training and want to continue it in the future, once fianc├ęs and location are better! I want a career in my passion and dream it will be amazing once I get there. But currently I am drawing, drawing, drawing and boosting up my skills to be the best. 

How long have you been painting/illustration/doing art?
I have been doing it for at least 6 years nonstop, but creativity has always been a strong point about me.

What’s your favorite medium?
My favorite medium would definitely have to be pencil and graphite! I do like to paint occasionally but I’m a stronger drawer.

Do you have a favorite subject you like to paint? Do you have a style preference?
I prefer portraits but I’m getting into animals currently. I’m a visual learner and I like to have a photo beside me when doing art. 

What are your favorite tools for creating your art?
Definitely chalk and a putty eraser. Chalk gives your work that lightness you need when creating realism, while the putty eraser is so neat and exact when creating tones.

What is the inspiration behind your artwork? Do you have a particular person that inspires you in your work/life?
My dream career is always at the back on my mind. It motivates me in getting better in all my work.

What is the one thing that you hope that your artwork will do for others?
That practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you can get! Don't give up on what you want.

What encouragement and/or tips can you give to other inspiring individuals?
Take your time and research how to do certain aspects like hair, eyes, and lips if you're doing portraits. Maybe even research and study techniques as well, for realistic trees, water or sky. Seeing how other people do their work helps give how you can build on yours creating your own and making you're work amazing. Don't rush anything and focus on tones and shadows in drawing, if you want realism that’s what you focus on.

Facebook:  Leanne Daphne Design

Note: All art and photography belong to Leeane Daphne Design. Please do not copy or reproduce without her permission.


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