Thursday, March 08, 2012

Evening Inspiration

It's been a very quiet couple of days, minus the fact my brother's wife was hospitalized last night for pneumonia.  She's been on breathing treatments and such but is improving.  So, that's good.

Tonight, I'm cozied up on the sofa with a couple of my favorite magazines and a latte.  I've been taking today to recenter myself emotionally in hopes to dive in to some new projects tomorrow.

What kind of things inspire you and/or help you during down time?


  1. Listening to happy music and dancing around the house to it usually helps me to feel much better.
    I have a playlist of happy, bouncy tunes - like Walking on Sunshine - and whenever I hear the songs, I have to dance :)

    Sorry about your sister-in-law, hope she recovers soon.


  2. I've been visiting with my son whom i haven't saw in 4 months!
    That issue of Victoria magazine has a little piece I wrote , page 11.
    I still get a thrill when I see it.

  3. I follow the Tao ~ and don't get too concerned about 'down time' and find the inspiration comes when I am not looking ~ the 'muse' has a process all of her own ~ physical movement tends to help also ~ walking, household chores ~ etc. ~ Life to me is 'like the ebb and flow' of the ocean ~ enjoy the day ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  4. I hope your brother's wife is doing better! I am so sorry!! Laurie has a little article in that magazine ;o) Enjoy it ;o) Sometimes, I feel in down time, to just walk away from everything and let your mind rest. Actually, a lot of times I clean ;o)Getting rid of the dust and rearranging helps me get back into the groove ;o)


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