Friday, November 04, 2011

Cozy Time of Year

Photo by: Image: Sacramento Street.

I'm loving the cozy weather lately.  Although it does bring in a bit of emotions for a number of reasons, especially my first Thanksgiving and Christmas without father, it still is my favourite time of the year.

So keep bringing the snow, the perfect hot cuppas, cute cozy socks and all the warmth this time of year brings to my heart.  Ahhhh....anyone care to join me? :)


  1. I love this photo!
    I will join you for a STARBUCKS!

  2. oh my gosh thats so sweet, i know it will be hard ,, all the first without your Dad, but he will never really be gone gone,, you can keep him in your heart,,

    ( I had to start a new blog, I hope you will find me), I left a link on my old one for a while before I close it down,, ) I'm lovin those socks!!!

  3. Here here a snug night with hot soup and coffee.

  4. The snow is all yours said Teri from sunny Arizona.
    Although there is something to be said for snuggling in. :)

  5. That is a wonderful photo you found. Perfect. Yes, sounds so cozy indeed. :) Yes, the first holidays w/o one's loved ones is so hard, I can well imagine.

  6. Those warm drinks really touches the inner most parts of the body.

    May you find comfort in God these first holidays with out you Dad. Sending warm wishes you way and a understanding ear to listen.

  7. I love this cozy time of year too!!!! what a perfect post Sophia....I love the photo and those cool cozy socks!!!! Your Father is with you and will help you get through each day...


  8. It is such a special time of year isn't it Sophia ?........ and it's lovely to hear that you are coping after the difficult times that you have just been through. Just remember all of the happy times you had with your dad and the lovely memories.
    I'm off to light the fire and candles and make comfort food for dinner. XXXX

  9. Nothing better than a cozy and comfortable chair with sketchpad in hand! Warm wishes!

  10. I adore this photo. Makes me want to whip out my knitting needles and sit fireside with my daughter and a movie. I can't imagine what the holidays must be like without a loved one. I hope it still holds, magic, mystery, hope and love despite the loss.

  11. those are the cutest socks i've ever seen.....well, except for your stripey socks, of course!! hope you have a super cozy weekend, sweet pea! xox

  12. This is a cozy time of year. I love wearing warm and fuzzy clothes. They can be comforting.
    I know the season will be bittersweet for you this year. Keep the memories close and they will help warm you.

  13. I love the picture on the top left of your blog: that 'sock' for your cup-of-tea - wonderful!
    I'm not that fond of this time of year, for a few days it is OK, but then I want spring/summer back.

  14. sophia, i'm so sorry to hear your dad passed, my heart it with you as you go through this difficutlt time. i love to see you drawing though, and i believe these beatrix potters you've been doing are my very favorite. i LOVE that movie too.
    my mother passed away also, in sept. we are actually having her memorial tomorrow. but her ashes have been back at home with her husband. it's all been so hard. but i love your spirit and i'm trying too, our parents would want us to.
    sending hugs and much love,

  15. Great photo! Love the cozy sox and feeling it creates ~ thinking of you and wishing you well ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^


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