Monday, October 10, 2011

It comes in waves

I apologize that I've yet to visit my lovely bloggie peeps for Sunday Sketches.  I really thought I could push myself today to do more but I'm not quite there emotionally.  I'm really having a difficult time accepting my father's gone.

Even looking at the photo taken where dad's ashes were buried between grandma and grandpa - I'm still not there.  I feel a huge wave of grief tonight. Huge.


  1. Please don't worry about not visiting our blogs. We all understand that you have much more to think about and feel through. Our hearts will continue to reach out to you.

  2. allow yourself to feel my friend....

    HUGS <3

  3. this makes so much sense. there is no making sense though out of our feelings and they do come in waves and they have their own way. sending you light.

  4. Oh Sophia,
    It is such early days yet. We actually never get over our parents passing but, and I know everyone says it, but it's true, it does get easier and all of the good memories take over.
    I think that it's best to embrace your is actually really helpful and is neccessary to help you. It might not seem it but it is.
    You will get through this but, it will take a little time. XXXX

  5. Sophia, thanks for even hosting, not a problem. Sending big hugs!

  6. So sorry for your loss. This is a dreadful time for you and your brother. I know it sounds phony, but it will get better in time. He will always be with you. Big hugs coming your way.

  7. Don't push yourself to do anything right now - its such early days.Listen to your heart and let yourself grieve. I still miss my dad and its been 10 years. Take care of yourself, lovely girl. Sarah x

  8. To feel grief, we must each endure in our own ways and our own time. Let yourself have the permission to grieve as is your way, then with time, things will brighten a little and you will find the routines falling into place again. Hugs.

  9. The feeling that there is a huge hole in your stomach will come over you in waves. It's an awful feeling but it will get better over time. Make no apologies - they're not necessary. Hugs


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