Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tossing up Whispers

I have so much on my mind tonight yet unable to find a way to express all that weighs on this tired and fragile heart.

I've cried alot of tears as of late, kneeling at my bedside asking God this and that and sometimes even whispering the words into my hands, "I can't do this anymore."   Yet somehow, I wake up every day with the strength and motivation to face another day.  I amaze myself at times.  Seriously.

Tonight, I'll take my evening stroll and toss up to the Heavens whispers of the deepest parts of my heart.


  1. im crying tears of understanding. your words ring in my heart, ive been there, am still there...i think the important thing is you are still asking, talking to God,,tonight i will whisper a prayer for you

    hugs my friend

  2. Hi Sophia,
    Hang in there and keep going....things never stay the same, they always change.. Look for little rays of sunshine...like a beautiful little flower poking it's head up through a crack, a smile from a stranger that you pass in the street. Hold onto and look for the teenest of joys and I promise bigger rays of sunshine will follow and your heart will stop hurting.
    Sending you a smile :)

  3. Hello Sophia --- I am just sending you the gentlest loving thoughts. Please take them and hold them close to your heart and know for certain you are never alone xxx

  4. Hi Sophia...hugs to you..and wishing you recieve all that you divinely need on your journey right now..wishing you healing thoughts and hugs of comfort and support! Whatever you are going through..keep shining..your inner power and strength is immeasurable and will get you through!
    Shiune on friend!

  5. Breathtaking photograph. I am so saddened to hear such pain in your post. I find when I am in those moments I really need to draw closer to God by asking for acceptance and understanding. I hope you find the answers you are seeking.

  6. Hang in there....Most people don't realize that they are much stronger than the think. Prayer will give you even more strength. I am praying for you!

  7. Darling girl, give yourself a break. You do the best you can everyday. And please take care of your physical and emotional health. Love form my heart to yours.

  8. Dear Sophia,
    I think that you are coping really well considering all that you have on your plate. I always think that things are so much worse at night so, maybe it's best to try not to think of the things that weigh heavy on your heart and to watch TV or read a book and try to take your mind off of those things.
    Try to think positive and be strong. XXXX

  9. Please be well.

  10. Hugs Sophia! Praying for you...xoxo

  11. Dearest Sophia,

    We are all strong. But what we are stronger, braver, when we have someone by our side, supporting us as we go on our daily battle with life.

    God is always there for you, as He is for everyone. When times get rough, remember that. :)


  12. sophia,
    you are a strong woman! - its very normal to have off days - always remember tomorrow is a new day....you are in my thoughts.

  13. sending hugs my friend. i wish there were some way i could help. please know that you are not alone. xxx

  14. wishing you better times soon, evening strolls will help!

  15. what a lovely way to put that,, I hope that tomorrow finds you well and happy,, tears help to wash the hurt away,


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