Wednesday, June 15, 2011

White lights and thankfulness

Tonight I'm all cozied up in a big chair at one of my favourite coffee shops.  A cool breeze makes its way through the open door and over to where I'm sitting, gently caressing my bare toes.

The little, white festive lights that drape misc store fronts and trees begin to brighten as the sun slowly sets for the day.  The music is even perfect.  Quite a relaxing evening here, tucked away against the cracked mustard yellow wall.

There have been some ups and downs the last few days, but I'm still here.  Rising above, regardless!  Uh huh.  That's me!   (Flexes her arm muscle)

Dad suffered another blockage yesterday, making it the second one in just a week.  Ugh.  He was incredibly down last night, barely able to speak to me because of his tears.  I felt helpless.  Sometimes, a phone call away is simply not enough during these difficult times.  I was beginning to feel hopeful myself with the news of some small but consistent weight gain, along with dad's physical strength increasing.  Still, I will keep my head up and be the strength he needs right now.

There has been another bump in life this week.  Disappointment over a project that has come to an end.  It wasn't a surprise in some ways, as I sensed the boat rocking off and on over the past few weeks.  I guess there were high hopes.  Nevertheless, I've prayed about it and believe where one door closes God will be faithful to open another.

In the meantime, there's a sock monkey to go on journeys with, a pups to snuzzle, hot cuppas to soothe the soul, artwork to inspire, flowers to smell, grass to tickle my bare feet - there are so many things in my life to be thankful for - and I am.


  1. sending cheer and hugs to you and your dad

  2. so glad you can see the good things in life too Sophia...very important at these difficult times.

  3. your positive attitude and gratefulness will bring you all the joy you need! sounds like a great evening! xoxo

  4. I know that helpless feeling. Watched my own father suffer for a long time before he passed away. My thoughts are with you and your family. P.S. Beautiful writing!

  5. I really respect how you can see the good things even when surrounded by disappointment. Bad times always pass, you'll be perfect you'll see. Best Wishes!

  6. Gratitude through the times that try you greatly is the best.

  7. Oh you are amazing Sophia....I love your positive attitude...and so true...everything happens for a reason and when one door closes...another one will open.....


  8. Prayers go out to you are your dad! Your positive perspective is admirable through your pain! Hugs to you!


  9. i've enjoyed visiting your blog, love your illustrations...
    god is faithful...

  10. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I popped over from Rena's blog. You have some fun stuff here with all your pics, art and photos:)

  11. Thinking of you and your Dad

  12. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he's feeling better now. Big hugs to you and that cute pup of yours!


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