Sunday, November 12, 2017

English Robin Collection & Good News!

For the month of November, I've been doodling English robins every day for my "warm-ups". Here are just a few. To see my entire collection thus far, please visit my Instagram art page.
As for the good news I've been waiting to share with you, I've 2 brand new books coming! What's extra special? The second one is with an official traditional publisher!

I've teamed up once again with the wonderful author, Charlotte J. Rains, and our next book, Meagan's Wish, is set to launch at the end of this monthIt's been a long time coming and a wonderful story about a little girl's wishes coming true.

Last week I signed a contract with my very first "official" publisher - Clear Fork Publishing. I'll be illustrating a darling book titled, "The Ripple". This sweet children's book is set to launch Fall of 2018 and is a journey about a little boy who learns just how far the simple act of a smile can reach.

Alright then. I'm off to get to work. I've loads to do in the next few weeks. I promise to check in often.


  1. Big congrats are in order Alexandra, you are an inspiration! What wonderful news!

  2. Huge congratulations Alexandra - lucky little ones who receive your books later will adore them I know!

  3. He's too cute! I wish I could skate like that.

  4. Congratulations Alexandra! I am so happy to hear about your new books. :) Looking forward to both! I make it a habit to take out picture/children's books form the library whenever I need a little "magic". They remind me of how important some of my favorites from childhood were. . . and how they really do stay with us thru the years. Your images will inspire many, I have no doubt!!

  5. Congrats!! So happy for you!! Love your drawings!!!

  6. that is great news about the books! :D

    and I have been loving all your Robins on Instagram :)

  7. Many congratulations ...

    All the best Jan


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