Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A little cat garden

A little break to quickly sketch a cat’s Hamilton hiding out in his owner’s garden from the neighbor’s dog, Pickles. I'm still working through a few book deadlines so will pop in here as often as I can. xo

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

New Life. New Creative Journey

I've a brief moment to write a quick post. Truthfully, I'd be working away if it wasn't for the need to charge my iPad and iPencil! Ha! Regardless, it's great to pop in here to say hello since it's been almost 2 months since my last post! Oh dear. I promise to try to write more after this week.

As most of you now know, Michael and I have relocated from Colorado to Kentucky for various reasons, so it has been a bit of a whirlwind with my children's book work and now teaching classes. (Let alone everything that comes with moving across the country in the first place!)

Every weekend I teach both a KIDS and ADULT workshop and thoroughly enjoy it. My heart has discovered just  how much I love teaching! It's a blessing to see such joy on the faces of those learning to draw and paint. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share my talent and skills with those around me here.

I'm off to finalize the last few illustrations of one of the two children's books I've been working on - The Ripple. For more about it, you can take a peek over at the Clear Fork Publishing website.
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