Monday, March 09, 2015

Something beautiful is about to happen...

Life can certainly challenge us each day and how we choose to face those bumps in the road will make a difference in how things unfold.  Lord knows, there's been more than enough "challenges" in my life and what I've come to understand is my ability to get through those is in how I respond.  Think of it this way: your attitude is like a magnet — choose bad thoughts and you'll find yourself quickly spiraling down a dark path that often takes days to climb out of.  Make a conscious decision to choose a good attitude and there's only room for good things to blossom and grow.

As my little illustration world has grown over the past six months, the creative spirit soaring within me is learning as well to approach my work with that same perspective.  I'm learning that what I initially see on paper (usually the first few layers of sketching and color) is just the very beginning of something amazing unfolding. That alone leaves me excited at the thought of what's at the end of my creative finish lines!

One of the things I discuss with my students in my "Hello, Courage" e-course, is refusing to allow their creative spirit to give up on what they're doing. Whether you're an artist, photographer, etc. — if it's not coming along as envisioned when first placing concept to paper, keep going!  Learning to be patient with ourselves and allowing the creative process to unfold is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

While certainly not having it mastered, I'm well on my way to having it right where I need it to be within my creative heart and mind.  Everything that comes to life in my studio seems to say, "something beautiful is about to happen!"


  1. How very wonderful ... I am so happy for you, Alexandra
    Your words are so very encouraging ...
    I have no doubt that 'something beautiful is about to happen' for you!

    Love the sketch you shared here... xx

  2. Alexandra, you can not imagine how much I LOVE this beautiful artwork!!!!!

  3. sweet mushrooms, they almost look patriotic. Wonderful upbeat post!

  4. I think this turned out so awesome. LOVE it adn love your enthusiasm too! Rock on! :)

  5. Thanks for your constant inspiration, both to pursue passion and to follow dreams! Keep it up :) I loooove the mushrooms too.

  6. Awww, I love your mushrooms! They are gorgeous and so are you! Your are so inspiring with your positive attitude and beautiful art.

  7. Good for you girl! I agree with everything you have said!!! I love this post so much! I feel the same with me! Something beautiful is about to happen ;o) I love your mushrooms ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  8. Positive thought is one of the most important life lessons I have learned. Love your beautiful illustrations and thanks for your lovely comments ;) x


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