Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WOYWW - Favorite Things

Just a quick little sketch/watercolor of a few of my favorite things in life.  The perfect hot cuppa, cozy socks, yummy cakes...ahhhh!

Life is getting very busy as the Fall semester is wrapping up.  Only 4 and a half more weeks to go and then it's winter/Christmas break.  Yippee!  I can't wait.   Add to that, all of the wedding plans, decorations, dresses, etc.  I'm getting SO excited!  Keep an eye out for a special blog in which myself (Mrs. Tea) and Mr. Toast will be sharing together.  We'll be sharing photos of our wedding, upcoming trips and so forth.  You don't want to miss it.  Hee

Until then, much love to all of you!  :)

For more lovely, creative desks, please visit, WOYWW here.


  1. I love your style--these are so cute!

  2. You sound so happy Alexandra, and you deserve it! Looking forward to the new blog too.

  3. Good morning, Alexandra. Yes, I'd go with those favourite things... maybe hot chocolate with a flake and cream to add to the list!
    Margaret #42

  4. Really cute drawings. Hope the plans for the wedding go well, look forward to seeing the photos. Hugs. Pam#32

  5. Alexandra, so good to have you on WOYWW, your courage is amazing. I love your picture of 'elegance'. She's gorgeous, rather like you.
    Bless you for sharing with us.
    Chris #41

  6. What a super picture of elegance, a self portrait no doubt.
    First time I've visited you, I think, and I like to read the 'About me' on first visit, so I have read all yours and can only say 'bless you, you are an inspiration'
    Lots of hugs

  7. Hi there. Just popping my head round the door to say hi.
    Thanks for the peek into your creative world today.
    Hope you have a good week too.

  8. Lovely work Alexandra, happy woyww jill #28

  9. Ah, however complicated and busy, I love that you can whittle it all down to such gorgeously simple pleasures....wonderful pictures. Am excited for you, all your plans are coming to fruition!

  10. How sweet and charming Alexandra! I love seeing what you love, it is such a darling painting. How exciting about the wedding too!

  11. How exciting! Happy for you! Sweet drawings too!

  12. I am so excited for you both! I love your little art creation ;o)

  13. ooo yes and mine! are we separated at birth sisters? xxxx


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