Thursday, June 14, 2012

Surrounded by tiny joys

Uh huh.  Some might think I'm crazy but I really do excel and thrive on [creative] chaos!  College classes are going well and my art opportunities are flying high.  That makes this cute, little gal here overjoyed!  :D

Above are some pieces of art I've been working on.  The "shroom love" is a completed commission and on its way to the UK.  The "Welcome tiny joy" painting is an idea I'm trying to put to paper for some lovely baby cards.  I'm trying to decide on whether to keep or think out the thick line around the carriage. 

What do you think?  I would love to hear your feedback and ideas.  Who knows, maybe you'll be my lucky featured creative individual coming up soon!


  1. I like the baby carriage the way it is! The line being a bit thicker makes it the main focus :)

  2. the mushrooms are so cute...nice and should show that to Mr. T
    love the baby carriage, i don't see the line you ar talking about - i like it!
    good luck with all of your studying!

  3. how wonderful that you have commissions. each piece is wonderful. thick lines are so personal. some people say that to outline art is in the family of cartoon or animation. So it depends on the look you are going for.

  4. very cute artwork Alexandra!

  5. I like the baby carriage the way it is, the different line thickness gives more interest but again this is a matter of personal choice as Tammie Lee says.

  6. love love love the shrooooms!!! I like the lines on the carriage...beautiful card!
    cheers, dana

  7. I am so happy everything is going well ;o) I love the commissioned piece! ;o) I think the carriage looks excellent! I wouldn't change it ;o) Hugs ;o)

  8. Alex.. I think they are both adorable! I love them both... I think you should keep the thick lines... it brings the eye straight to the carriage... I think you are fantastic.. I'm so glad things are going so good for you... wishing you the best!! :)


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