Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Unwrap The Gift of Love

Yesterday was a hard day and somehow, I still managed to put together this tiny illustration to represent "unwrapping the gift of love" for this week's Scribble Picnic hosted by the fabulous Mr. Toast (aka Michael). This world is so hard lately. Heartache. Death. Tragic things happening on what seems to be a daily basis anymore. What could be more fitting than sending out a message to give the gift of love to those around you. It's so simple and goes so far.

Michael and I love to give to those struggling with homelessness here in our town. Most of the time, we're supported...sometimes, we're frowned upon. Regardless, it's one simple act of kindness that brings a much needed HOPE to people in this world.

May this little illustration brighten your day and bring to your heart any hope, love, or courage you're in need of today or in the coming days. ♥

Oh, don't forget there's still time to order my beautiful Christmas cards created from my hand-painted watercolor illustrations. They're beautiful and perfect for sending off to those you love. You can order them via my Etsy link or on my sidebar. Right now, they're only $2.50 each (marked down from $3.50 each!)


  1. Alexandra, that is very sweet! Critters need help too sometimes! I love your drawing and the message. You two are so wonderful. I'm so glad I came upon the picnic and your blogs. You both always make me smile. :)

  2. The gift of love is so special and at this time of year even more important for some in this world who may not be fortunate to have a home or hot meal ...

    Your Christmas Cards look great.

    All the best Jan

  3. We do need so much more kindness in this world. I pray that your holiday will be filled with love all around you.

  4. Love your touching 'gift' piece today, you are good people.

  5. Your picture is so touching and your thoughts music to my ears. I agree we live in hard times ... times we seem to have no control over. It breaks my heart as there really is so much good around us that seems to get shut down by the loud offenders. But it does give me hope to see there are those among us who still care. Like you, I try to give to the homeless, especially seeking out veterans. I also try to support wildlife that often falls victim to uncaring or unknowing humans. If we all just did a little to help, it would make such a difference. Bless you and Micheal for all the caring you bring into all of our lives.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  6. I think your piece captures the sweetness of the season. Such a wonderful innocence. Anyone who frowns upon helping those that are less fortunate are the true Scrooges of the world. We can only hope that they learn to open their hearts the way you and Michael do.

  7. Sweet picture. Especially that tiny, almost overlooked heart being chirped by the bird!
    Hugs to you and Michael.

  8. hopefully today wasn't as hard :)

    I'm all for helping people, you never know when you might need help yourself

  9. Well, you always brighten my day, darling, with your spirit. :)

    And this piece, as I noted on your IG feed, is totally magical. I adore it. In fact, it may well be my favourite of yours yet. It really pulls one into that magical moment of giving and coziness. I like how you did the blue in the background and of course the knitted pattern. Such a sweet piece, and so magical. Thank you!!

  10. P.S. Have to chuckle, because if I was someone else, I'd totally want to buy the Christmas cards. Again, magical. Heh, you can tell you love Christmas and winter in general.

  11. this is lovely. it would make a nice christmas card.

    have a lovely day.

  12. Sorry that I'm running late with commenting...been a crazy week.

    Alexandra, this piece is absolutely gorgeous! I love that the background colour sets off the colours perfectly and also that you have done a spotlight effect around them to draw the eye to them even more. Your cards are lovely too...hope you sell out!

    On another note - Well done to you and Michael for helping the homeless. My heart goes out to them too. Yes, some people may frown upon it but too bad for them...they want to marginalise the homeless under the banner of no-hopers and drug addicts but that is not always the case. At the end of the day, who are we to judge them anyway. We don't know what sort of life they have had. I always remember a phrase my Granny would use - "But for the Grace of God, there go I". I'm not a religious person but that phrase has always stuck with me. It can be a very hard world and we must do what we can to be kind, understanding, and helpful to those in need.

    Have a blessed weekend ~ xo


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