Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sunday Sketches (Little Red Dress)

I've been practicing faces and hairstyles the past few days. Something I need to get better at, as well as being able to create the same face/character in various poses - not always easy to achieve, let me tell you! Anyway, I thought I'd share my doodle from earlier today based off a photo of my father's parents holding me as a little baby. Every photo I've looked at of me in that red dress, I'm just smiling away. I must have loved that little, red dress!

You can check out another daily doodle I sketched out a few days ago of me and my little blue overalls. I LOVED playing in those in my grandma's backyard. So much fun and adventures! Hee

How about you? Do you have something specific you're practicing as of late with your art, photography, etc? It's such a joy sharing our art, tips, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Sweet sketch and you were such a cutie!

  2. Alexandra, I just love all of your little sketches, especially these that tell a story about your memories. Great Job!! I have missed you, life is busy sometimes, Isn`t it?!! But glad to be with you this weekend . Have a great new week!!!

  3. Understandable! :) Seems to been a fine little dress :)

    Love your sketch.

  4. Love your little red dress and your sketch is adorable. I find it hard to imagine that you have difficulty drawing anything, but yes, I agree we all need practice. I am sketching again. I bought a small journal and I have started trying to sketch mainly as a stress release or relaxation. It is fun even if I have a hard time being satisfied with what I draw. If I ever sketch anything I like I will post it here as you are the one who inspired me to start up again.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. So sweet and angelic her red dress and curly hair.
    What an adorable baby you were!!!

  6. Your curly haired girl is really cute. Learning to get the same face in different poses and expressions is tough. I am working on farm animals right now, pages and pages of cows, sheep and pigs.

  7. What an adorable illustration and you look so sweet in your little red dress. I'm just working on improving in general, there's always so much to learn...

  8. You are such a cutie!! You still are!! Love your drawing! Big Hugs!


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