Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Scribble Picnic (Lanterns of Love)

This week's lantern theme for Scribble Picnic was (believe it or not) a bit more challenging for me. I started with two other ideas only to scrap them in the end, once realizing neither were coming to fruition. But hey, that's what scribble picnic is all about, yes?

After stepping away from my desk for awhile, I was drawn back to the illustration above that ironically, I started a few weeks back. At that time, I set it aside as it wasn't quite coming together for me. To be honest, I actually ripped it in half! (insert silly face here) I pulled it out of the trash, taped it back together and challenged myself to continue working on it...and I'm glad I did!

I'm not sure if this is finished to me as it still feels like something else is beckoning to be done. For now, we'll all simply enjoy this little tree of lanterns filled with love.

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  1. This is so charming Alexandra! Love the little window in the treehouse.

  2. Everything you do is so whimsical and musical....I can hear the music of the lanterns in the trees. What a sweet little tree house.

  3. Not sure if I've already commented and you have Comment Moderation enabled or if I'm confusing myself after commenting over on Instagram. I'm getting old. haha

    Just in case I haven't commented here...I LOVE your take on the theme, Alexandra! Those lanterns do look magical. I wonder who lives there?

  4. I think perhaps a little creature is coming down the road, coming home to his lantern-lighted home, maybe.

    I can't tell there is any struggle looking at this piece but I'm sure I have done the same thing a few times myself, sometimes you have to keep working on a piece until you are certain you can't do any more.

    I like all the greens surrounding the place. a wonderful take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

  5. Makes me wonder what kind of party is going on inside that tree. Your lanterns are so festive!

  6. Smoots, this is so fun seeing all finished from the sketch I saw this morning before heading out. Looks totally magical and love these style of lanterns. Haha, just noticed the pinafore style striped window pull down shade on that one tree's window. Perfect. Also love how you've added the fields, flowers in teh distance and the way the trees are done on the horizon line. This is a lot like Lissa's detailed pieces--so much to look at and explore. Wonderful job and thank you so much for taking the time to join this picnic! We do rather love having you, you know. :)

    It looks finished to me, btw, but you adn Serena can discuss that as she felt the same way with hers too. ha.

  7. Oh no, don't ever rip up any of your beautiful art Alexandra!

    Glad you rescued this piece and completed it - so adorable and reminds me of my own big backyard trees where I like to hang lanterns in Summertime. Just wish I had that rolling landscape outside my door! Perhaps you might consider adding an animal if you think something is missing - a naughty squirrel nibbling on that apple, a bunny hopping up the steps, or a bird (owl?) sitting on that branch. It is lovely though as it is - so peaceful and inviting.

    Hugs - Mary

  8. I can not tell where you tore it in half.
    It really is a sweet piece. Sometimes I think that every piece can turn out if we continue to work on it. I love your lanterns and would like to visit this place.

  9. glad you decided to rescue this :) looks wonderful, very green :)

  10. Alexandra, thanks for the visit to my blog. I linked up with what I thought was a blog showing pics of lanterns. I didn't realize until later that I was supposed to draw the lantern! oops!

    Your illustration is obviously done by a professional. You I so admire someone with such talent. You truly have a gift. janey

  11. Alexandra,
    A very welcoming place to come home to. I wonder who is inside? And that's a long road to travel up hill and down. Love your imagination and so glad you rescue this. Is it in acrylic? How do you rescue a torn up painting.
    When I first started watercolour I painted a picture of my parent's home - I showed it to my hubby and he said -"They don't have six windows, they have 5." I was so upset I torn it up right then and there. Never recovered. it took me a long time to get over my mistake. My hubby was a little hesitant after that to critique my work. :) And yes we are still married - coming up to 46 years.

  12. Oh it's wonderful Alexandra, I love the sweetness and loving creativity that it has.

  13. I’m glad you salvaged the piece!
    I expect the mail carrier to pop up over one of the hills on the path at any moment. Is he running late today? If so, the lighted lanterns should help him find his way.
    Love the fields on the far away hill!

  14. This is seriously fabulous. I love the road that leads to adventure and the house with the swinging lanterns.
    I see what you mean, it is as if the house is waiting for something or someone, I think it is a wonderful illustration of a story about to start.
    A hot tip - if you scrumple up a sketch and toss it in the wastepaper basket then hours later take it out again you have quite a nice texture, haha!
    But if you throw it in the fire (one of my habits) it has gone for good.


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