Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hanging Laundry

It's been raining here for over a week now.  Quite depressing and really doesn't help one's mood in the midst of things.  Sigh.

Regardless, I've been facing/tackling as much as I can these past few days and tonight is the first time since Saturday that I've had the opportunity to pick up my sketch pad and pencils.  This idea has been floating around in my head for quite some time now and I'm glad to have the first draft put to paper.

One can only imagine what the final project will look like...hmmm.

Do you notice anything particular about the laundry? =)


  1. Sophia, I am in awe of your talent. I was reading your post below this one and I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling and dealing with at this time. I've been where you are, it's so very painful. Cherish every second you can with your dad; all other things will fall back in place when you need them to. You and your dad will be in my thoughts and prayers. May you find peace to still the chaos and strength to steady your pace. Wishing you lots of love beautiful Sophia. xOxOxO

  2. I hear ya!!! darn rain anyways!!! I have had enough too, and finally we have a sunny day today!
    our basement flooded from the rain this past week so I too could not see another raindrop for a while and be quite happy...

    cute drawing - are those men's briefs hanging there???
    and lovin the striped socks of course!

    Chin up my dear!

    Smiles and hugs

  3. Very illustrative drawing...absolutely love it! You are creating so much amazing pieces. It has also been raining a lot here as well. I can't notice anything in the drawing...I think I am trying to hard...other than those awesome stripey socks!!! XOXO

  4. Good morning,
    Rain rain go away...
    The laundry looks like a man's laundry! (except for the stripey socks!!!
    It's a great drawing, too....tell us more!
    hugs to you - keep your chin up!

  5. haha - actually there's it's male and female...there is a dress hanging up there. I forgot to add my signature heart before scanning. But yes...stripey socks! Hee

  6. Oh my, I love sheets hung on the line and remember in Ohio, hanging the clothes out to dry and the fresh sweet smell of everything! and also running outside to gather it all as the rains were coming down; what fun Sophia!

  7. Hello my friend,

    rain can be depressing, but it always amazes me how after the rain everything seems so fresh and new....our trials in life are much the same way...

    hugs and prayers

  8. let it rain've got lots of sunshine goin' on in your sketch pad! your little stripey sophia socks are waaaay cute!!! xox

  9. I'm loving this little sketch! So sweet!

  10. You are so lucky to have rain....we are desperate for rain here, we haven't had any for the months...we are on water restriction the gardens, trees and crops are suffering.....send the rain to us in France...we want rain.... love your sketch...the only thing unusual I think are the man pants...but I could be wrong...have fun...

  11. This conjures up such wonderful memories of my grandmother and summers at her place. I can just smell the freshness of laundry on the line.

    Thanks for you words on my bunny post the other day. It was all so emotional.

  12. well, it does look like it is a mans clothing. So either you are helping your dad out or you have a man in your thoughts? Very cute sketch.

  13. Wonderful sketch as always Sophia. Is that what you're pointing out about the laundry, that it's male and female?

  14. a picture just like life. nearly a photograph. very well done. indeed.

  15. you are so talented!!!
    I look forward to seeing it finished!


  16. This drawing is precious. I love your stripped socks.. first thing I noticed.. oh except the "tightie whities"!! lol..


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